BS1 Electric Screwdriver/Hand Blender
BS1 Electric Screwdriver/Hand Blender
BS1 Electric Screwdriver/Hand Blender
BS1 Electric Screwdriver/Hand Blender


BS1 Electric Screwdriver/Hand Blender

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This wonderful product is currently crowdfunding on KICKSTARTER, and accepting pre-orders here, at deep discounts that will never be. Shipping will start in March.

Marker sized powerful electric screwdriver for small electronics, home appliances, doors & windows, light fixture and even FURNITURE, an ideal replacement for all manual screwdrivers. It is,

Small & Compact

29.9(diameter)*177mm(length), marker size, cellphone weight, 9 bits already included in the cap/bit holder.

Yet Powerful

1.2Nm (electric) / 5Nm (manual) torque, enough for screws on electronics, toys, home appliances to furniture, light fixture, doors & windows, and even bikes.

Speed Adjustable & Child Safe

Adjust the speed as per your needs, and lock into a low speed for child use. Making/breaking things is the way children learn. iFu BS1 empowers them to do so and protects them in doing so.



iFu BS1 comes in 2 colors, white and grey, and with 9 careful selected bits, 1 on the screwdriver and 8 in the bit holder/cap.

BS1 Kitchen

With a simple attachment, BS1 turns into a handy little kitchen appliance. Taking full advantage of BS1's powerful, steadily rotating motor, this hand blender gives you the finest whipped cream.

BS1 Pro

Those 9 bits that BS1 comes with could cover 80% of your repair works around the house. But if you're more frequent user dealing with stuff beyond the house, BS1 Pro is the one for you. It carries an extra tube of 20 bits. All the bits, including the original 9, are made of S2 high strength steel and are chrome plated, extremely resistant to rusting.

BS1 Combo

To make the most out of this great gadget, get both the handheld blender and the BitTube.


Prototype Demonstration