MR1 Smart Rechargeable Electric Precision Screwdriver
Stand / Bits Holder / Magnetizer / Demagnetizer
200rpm Max / Overdrive Protection
Big collection of bits & accessories
Shadowless Lights
Magnetic Bits
Unlimitedly Scalable Storage Box
MR1 Smart Rechargeable Electric Precision Screwdriver Tool Kit


MR1 Smart Rechargeable Electric Precision Screwdriver Tool Kit

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iFu MR1 Li-ion Electric Precision Screwdriver features shadowless LED lights and an S2 aluminum alloy housing, and comes with 24 bits and a 12-piece tool pack, perfect must-have tool kit for your electronics/small appliances repair work.

Small, Simplistic yet Powerful

Designed with a minimalistic aesthetic, this ergonomic pencil-sized electric screwdriver has only 2 buttons. Press to start and release to stop. The built-in high density Li-ion battery can be fully charged in 40m, stands by 180 days, and powers the strong, high precision carbon brush motor to go up to 200 rpm for as much as 2 hours (load free).

Big Collection of Bits & Accessories

24 magnetic S2 steel bits included, strategically selected for watches, cell phones, cameras, drones, toys, computers and small appliances etc. It also comes with a Magnetic Mat and a 12-piece tool pack, containing tweezers and pry bars of different shapes and sizes, and a whole lot more.

Over Drive Protection

When reaching its max torque, the screwdriver stops automatically, never stripping a single screw.

Magnetic & Organized

The scalable storage box holds the screwdriver and all the accessories that come with. Its small and compact body fits in everywhere and travels well. The magnetic cover even functions as a work station.

All the bits are strongly magnetic, so you’ll never have to worry about losing any bits or screws. In addition, a de/magnetizer is integrated in the Stand/Bits Holder, just in case the magnetism wears off.